Rode 2go ferry via Batangas port to Romblon around 10pm. It took us about 8 hrs to get there but i slept for about 6 hrs of the trip. When we got to the port of Romblon, we were fetched by a “chariot” which is a custom built tricycle able to carry 6 passengers. After about an hour, we reached Lamao Beach Resort our home for our entire stay in Romblon. Lamao is a very charming resort with towering coconut trees and very serene atmosphere. The resort is also very lucky to have the most accommodating staff! We were treated like kings while we were there. Our room was for P1,200 good for 6 persons already. Very affordable!
Our first day was spent beach hopping with Bonbon beach and Tiamban beach on top of our list. Bonbon beach is no longer readily accessible since the land near the beach was heavily fenced by the family who owns the property. We accessed Bonbon thru Tiamban beach walking for about 30 mins. We left the beach after lunch and went back to the resort to rest and wait for sunset. We concluded the night with 2 bottles of smirnoff each.

The next day was equally not too hectic with a trip back to the center of the municipality visiting Fuerza San Andres, old churches and some souvenir shops. We particularly bought Marble product given that Romblon is the Marble capital of the Philippines. we went back to the resort after a few hours. Around past 5, we went up to the resort owner’s mansion on the top of a hill giving us a good view of the sunset. After sunset, we had a quick videoke session with san mig apple to give us some boost of confidence.

On our last day, early morning we caught the first ferry to tablas. after an hour, we rode a jeepney to the airport for another hour to catch our flight back to Manila


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