Oslob tour

April 13 – Day 2 of our 3 day Cebu adventure last holy week started early yet again. Around 430AM, we were fetched at the hotel to go to the town of oslob. Out itinerary is as follows:
Day 2 Oslob Tour 📌

📍Whale Shark Encounter

📍Sumilon Sanbar

📍Binalayan Falls

📍Mainit Spring 

📍Osmeña Peak 
This is my second time to do whale watching and it was as exciting and as exhilarating like the first time i’ve experienced it 2 years ago. i still didn’t get a good photo with the whale but i hope some of these pics clearly represent how awesome the experience was.

Sumilon sandbar was not a sandbar when we got there. we were a bit late since we came all the way from whale watching and it was high tide already. we just saw a small portion of the sand bar when we got there and the rest was engulfed with knee deep clear waters.

Binalayan falls was a bit underwhelming. While it lacks the charm of Kawasan, the thing that irks me most is that they allow tourist to jump off from the topmost section of the waterfall. to think that there is a special technique to break your fall as the water is not deep enough is not safe at all. it was also too crowded that we didn’t spend too much time there and decided to proceed to Osmena Peak

Ending the day catching the sun to set at Osmena peak was another highlight of this tour. The road to the peak is a bit nauseating but the view at the peak makes the trip worthwhile. it was also my 2nd visit but my experience was entirely different. the first time i visited this popular destination, it was early in the morning and the peak was engulfed in zero visibility fog and it gave a very eerie vibe. i must say that it is better to visit during sunset but be prepared that it may get overcrowded. We got lucky that we got the best guides and we found the best spot to get the best view of the glorious sunset.

For your tour needs, please contact MCDC Travel and Tours if you want a safe, hassle free and affordable tour.
Photos taken using Iphone 7 plus and go pro Hero 5


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