coachella party

last hurrah for summer. spent the night in bagac to celebrate a Gary’s bday with a coachella themed shoot. most pictures taken by me using my iphone 7. minor edits using lightroom.
summer indeed ended coz a few hours after dinner it rained really hard and our tents started to leak. water started to enter the tents and before we know it we were all struggling to transfer our things back to the car. we got all our things safely in our car’s compartment and we decided to stay in the car until the rain stopped. Around 2am when the rain finally stopped, we checked our tents and dried them so we could sleep. after about 30 mins everyone except ivy was snoring. we were all exhausted.
I woke up with some loud chat outside the tent. with me half asleep, i went to the car and took a few things and i accidentally left my car keys in the compartment and realized it only after i closed the trunk. an hour of checking for locksmiths and mechanics to help us out while driving ivy’s car, we found a small talyer and got a local mechanic to help us out. to cut the long story short, we finally got my car opened with the help of 2 bronze rods and 2 skillful mechanic to hook the lock to open the car.  
we left bagac before lunch and went to clark as recommended by emz to try the unli samgyeopsal for P250. after more than an hour munching on lettuce and pork and drinking bottomless iced tea, we made out way home but not without an obligatory stop over to our favorite coffee shop starbucks along nlex.


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  1. ayos sa theme ng party!


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