Last Day in Negros Oriental

september 19-20
Woke up very early to catch dolphins in bais. From the hotel we rode a trike to the bus terminal. Took the bus bound to Manjuyod. We asked the driver to remind us to alight at Bais City.
Had breakfast first at Jollibee Bais City and already we were pestered by boatmen looking for tourists. After eating, we agreed with Mark a local boatmen to hire his boat to take us to see dolphin’s first and then go to Manjuyod Sandbar. We agreed to pay P1,500 which was lower than what he usually ask tourists.  You can find Mark’s contact details below.8

We took a trike and paid 100 to where Mark’s boat was docked. We immediately boarded to sail away and look for dolphins.

​We saw numerous pods of dolphins but none of them did any tricks we were expecting to see. However it was still exciting to see the abundance of marine mammals in this region. I was just hoping that they would have performed a few tricks or swam close to our boat.
After a few hours, we then went to manjuyod. unfortunately, the tide was still very high. the sand bar was submerged to about 8 ft of sea water. According to our boatmen, low tide is expected late in the afternoon.

We had lunch at our boat and bought seafoods from the sea vendors paddling their boats as soon as tourists arrives. We bought several coconuts and a variety of fish and squid for lunch. Coconut is 35 each and the seafoods cost about 500 for 2 parrot fish a kitong and a squid which they grilled and a hefty serving of rice.

We didn’t wait for the sand bar to show and we left the island around 2PM and made our way back to Jollibee to hail a bus back to Dumaguete city.

Dinner was at Lantaw and we went there again for brunch the next day. Bought several silvanas at sans rival before heading back to our hotel to prep going to airport to catch our flight back to Manila.


Ninh Binh

June 18 – Ninh binh is one of the northern provinces in Vietnam. It is 2-3 hrs away from Hanoi. We booked our tour with the help from a good friend thru The Sinh Cafe Tour at 34 Lan ong st. We paid 630k VND for the Ninh Binh tour and 350k VND for the room.
Since this is our last day, we checked out of our hotel Camellia 5 and brought all our things along the tour which starts at 8:30AM. it was a small crowd of diverse individuals seated comfortably in a van. After a quick stop an hour and a half after we left Hanoi, we continued on without hassle to our first stop the ancient capital of Hoa Lu.

In Hoa Lu, we visited temples built in honor of the emperors Đinh Tiên Hoàng and Lê Đại Hành, their sons, and Queen Dương Vân Nga, who was married first to Đinh Tiên Hoàng and then to Lê Đại Hành. The colorful history behind these telenovela-worthy familial story was wonderfully told by our tour guide.

After the hearing the gossip worthy story behind these ancient royals, we were treated with a buffet lunch. After lunch, we continued our nature tour of these lush greenery and amazing limestone mountains to Tam Coc.

Tam Cốc, literally “three caves”, consists of three natural caves — Hang Cả, Hang Hai, and Hang Ba — on the Ngô Đồng River (wikipedia). After wearing protective life vest, we boarded a small wooden boat and was greeted with a beaming smile by our local lady boat guide. Rowers can usually row with their feet as well as their hands, which was quite a sight to behold. I tried rowing the boat by hand and quickly gave up because our boat was going nowhere. i admire the rowers skill and endurance to be able to row several hours a day. At the other end of the river, we were greeted by floating vendors selling food and drinks similar to the floating market in thailand though there were only a handful of them. we bought peanuts and bought food for our guide as well. The trip took more than an hour and was definitely a must try when you have a chance to visit vietnam

After our boat tour, we regrouped and was then told we will be on a 45 minute bike tour of the province. For me this was the highlight of the tour as i get to see nihn binh upclose and at my own pace. it was indeed tiring yet my eyes were filled with magnificent views of rice fields, lime stone mountains and a few farm animals.

Our tour ended before 5pm, i was exhausted and sweaty and had to change shirt before boarding our van to take us back to Hanoi. Thankful to our energetic tour guide and occassional model Jenny who tirelessly made sure that we had a great time and got our money’s worth.

We got to Hanoi around 6 and we immediately made our way to Bun cha Hung Lien restaurant made famous when both Obama and Anthony Bourdain had a meal there together back in 2016. We went there with our new friend Patty. After a quick dinner, we went back to have our last taste of Hanoi’s egg coffee at Cafe Truong.

Our hanoi trip was filled with amazing food finds, wonderful tours and meeting amazingly friendly people. Make sure you visit ninh binh when you plan your next trip to Vietnam.

Apo Island

Day 3 – September 18

Apo Island is a volcanic island covering 74 hectares in land area, 7 kilometers off the southeastern tip of Negros Island and 30 kilometers south of the Negros Oriental capital of Dumaguete. The name “Apo” was derived from a Filipino word for “old man”. (source wikipedia)

To get to Apo island from Dumaguete:
* Start at Ceres Bus terminal  and look for buses going to Bayawan ( every 30 min). Fare is P50 for an aircon bus.

* Ask the conductor to remind you to alight at Malatapay ( about 30 min)

* Then walk to the ferry station (about 500 m)

The boat rental to the island is organized centrally with standard rates. Since there were only 3 of us, we decided to split the boat fare with another group of 3 chinese nationals. if you travel alone, no worries you could also join a group and split the boat fare per person. We hired a bigger boat upon the request of the chinese nationals so we paid 3,500 for a boat that would normally accommodate 8 instead of paying 3,000 for 6 person capacity boat.

The boat ride is for an hour with slightly rough water. Because of the strong waves, our boat anchored on the other side of the island. We had to walk to the marine reserve and pay P100 entrance fee per person. Tourists are also required to hire a guide P300 for a group of maximum 4 individuals/guide. For those who didn’t bring snorkeling gears and are not excellent swimmers, snorkles and life vest are available for rent for P100 each. We hired kuya Joel as our guide and our designated photographer as well.

The marine reserve is home to a number of turtle species. i’ve had the opportunity to see turtles swimming in Mindoro and Cebu but i have never been so close that i could almost touch them. In Apo Island you don’t have to swim far to see these charming sea creatures, you can see them feeding on marine plants not far from shore. And you’ll be surprised of how huge they are! We had encountered one which was almost my size. Incredible!

The are also other marine animals that are abundant in the island but i was more interested in swimming with the sea turtles and Apo island did not disappoint. our guide was very good in spotting them and we got plenty of pictures to document our encounter.

There are very limited options for food in the island. i suggest you bring your own food if you are a picky eater or on a strict budget. We ordered lunch from a local restaurant. we had chicken adobo and a hefty serving of rice. We looked for our guide Kuya Joel so he could join us for lunch but was told that guides are not allowed to eat with the tourists. i don’t understand what the logic behind this so we insisted but it seems to be the norm so we didn’t press too much. our guide ate after we finished eating. The food cost us P750.

After lunch we had another go at snorkeling and then around 2PM we decided to leave the island. However, dude accidentally hit a coral and had a huge wound on his leg. Our guide had to administer first aid and fortunately they had betadine and gauze but no medical tape so we had to use gauze to tie that gauze with betadine to Dude’s leg.
The boat ride back to Malatapay was really rough and i got drenched from water splash. Good thing we decided not to take a shower on the island otherwise i might have gone back to Dumaguete wet. As soon as we arrived back at the ferry, we took a shower. After a quick shower and paying P10/each, we walked back to the main road to wait for the bus. We bought some ref magnets when we passed by a souvenir shop and had a quick merienda of banacue and iced tea. We waited a few minutes before an SRO (standing room only) bus arrived. We stood on the bus half our trip back to Dumaguete and paid P50 up to the terminal.

We took a trike from the terminal back to Harold’s mansion and had a quick nap. Dinner was at Lab-as restaurant around 8PM where we ordered sinigang, kinilaw and steamed fish. We had dessert at Sans Rival and i had my favorite salted caramel cheesecake.

The next day we agreed to go to Manjuyod and Bais so we have another early start so we decided to doze off early. besides, we are not getting any younger so we need enough time to rest and recharge. hehehehehe


Day 2 – September 17

We were up as early as 4:30am to catch what we thought was the earliest ferry trip to our next destination, the mystical province of Siquijor. Trike fare to the port from Harold’s was 10/person. When we arrived at the port, we learned that the earliest trip was at 7AM and tickets were not sold until 6AM every Sunday. We had ample time to grab breakfast before buying tickets.

Ticket to Siquijor from Dumaguete is P130 and you have to pay P15/person for terminal fee. Travel time is 1 1/2hrs. The ferry is the usual RoRo ferry and there are ample seats that you could actually lie down the entire row if you want to catch some sleep.

We arrived at Siquijor before 8AM. Upon exiting the port, you’ll be greeted by tricycle drivers lined up to take tourists and locals to their next destination. Fees have been standardized and is visibly posted in the trike terminal for passenger’s reference.  

The island is one of the smallest provinces in the country. You could literary go around the island in 1-day.( tour to the entire island is for 1K that will take you to the province’s famous spots. 

We agreed to get RR’s services for the day as well as to take us back to the port the next day. We agreed to pay additional P250 for the fare from Casa Miranda to the port for the next day. We also had to quickly stop by Casa Miranda where we will be spending the night.  The rate was P550 for the fan room including extra bed.  
Our first destination was the Old Balete tree. This 400+ year old balete tree reminds you why the island is called the mystic island. We had to pay P10 environmental fee that would also allow you to enjoy soaking your feet to the clear water while having a Fish Spa treatment. You could also order fresh buko to enjoy while you are having a foot spa.

We then went to the town of Lazi to visit the old church and convent. The chuch was built on 1857 with San Isidro Labrador as the patron saint. The convent was build 30 years after in 1887. We said our prayers inside the church before taking some OoTD shots on the side of the church as well as on the newly renovated convent.

After a quick lunch break at a local restaurant near the church, we visited the enchanting Cambugahay falls. The falls was not difficult to reach. A quick trek down the paved stairs, would already bring you to this curtain like waterfall. This waterfall is for the adventurous and the nature lovers. They’ve set up several rope swing stations for the adrenaline junkies to enjoy. For those who are not as adventurous, you could just marvel on the beauty of the waterfall or take a dip at the ice cold water.

Our next stop is the wildly popular Salagdoon beach. Arguably the most instagramable place in Siquijor, this is the place for those who want to just chill on a beach or dare to jump their famous dive platforms of dizzying heights. Because it was already low tide, diving was no longer allowed for safety reasons. So we decided to just order halo halo from the restaurant and take pictures from the diving platforms.

Last stop was suggested by RR. He took us to the Paliton beach. This privately owned beach, while open to the public, is not swarmed by tourists. other than the 3 of us, there was 1 foreign tourist sunbathing. We decided to wait for the sun to set here and i set up my hammock so i could lay down while waiting for the sunset. it was cloudy so the sunset was not as gorgeous as what we hoped for.

Around 6PM, we called our driver so he could pick us up and bring us to Casa Miranda. We ordered dinner from their small restaurant. It was nice to dine by the beach while the waves serenely seranades us while eating. we shut our eyes a little early as we need to catch the earliest trip back to Dumaguete at 5:30am.

Negros Oriental: Dumaguete – Valencia (Day 1 – September 16)

Arrived in Dumaguete via PAL. Took a tricycle to Harold’s mansion hostel ( and paid 100 for the ride. Harold’s mansion was our home for 5 days.  
After checking in, finalizing our itinerary and fixing our things, we went to the town of Valencia. Trike from Harolds to the jeepney terminal normally costs 10/person and the jeepney ride is just 12/person. The ride took about 20 minutes.
Upon arriving at Valencia, we had a quick lunch in a carinderia within the public market. We then agreed with some local habal habal drivers the fees for our escapade. We have agreed to explore Casaroro falls and Pulang bato falls which happens to be on the opposite directions from the market. The drivers are charging per trip so all in all we have 4 trips: to and from Casaroro for 100/trip and to and from Pulang bato for 150/trip for a total of P450 per person. We also haggled to have a short side trip to the sulphur vents.

We went first to Casaroro falls ( Casaroro Falls is lodged deep into the rock crevices of the rugged Valencia mountains. With an astounding height of 100 feet, the water plunges into a deep cold basin before it flows down to a stream. The waterfall is considerably narrow, instead of the usual wide cascade, but this is precisely what makes Casaroro unique. Though despite its narrowness, the volume of water that drops is heavy and causes a roar as it touches the pool. Around the basin are natural boulders huge enough to rest any traveler’s weary feet.

We paid P10/person for entrance fee and decided to hire a local guide Vicente. The trek to the narrow falls would normally take about 30 minutes but it took us more than an hour to get to the falls. we had numerous stops to take a breather and to take numerous photos. The trek was not as difficult but for unfit people like me it was quite an effort.

Upon reaching the waterfalls, i was in awe of how majestic this falls was. it was quite a sight to behold. After a number of photos, we decided to head back without taking a dip at the cold water. The climb back up was more difficult that i really had to catch my breath a few times.

After Casaroro, we made our way to Pulang Bato falls but with a quick stop at the Sulphur Vents. Pulangbato Falls is located in the Ocoy Valley in the town of Valencia Negros Oriental. It is aptly named so because of the waterfall’s seemingly red river water which is caused by the presence of natural reddish rocks found in the area. Pula is the native word for red while bato, for rock. Thus, if interpreted, the name would be red rock (

Pulang bato falls does not require to much effort to reach unlike Casaroro. After paying the P50 entrance fee per person and eating a quick merienda of banana cue and coke, we went down to the falls. The falls was definitely aptly named as red rocks are quite abundant. There are actually 2 falls and a swimming pool for the tourists to enjoy.

We made our way back to Dumaguete City around 5pm and went straight to our hostel. We had a quick rest before heading to Gabby’s diner for dinner.

Negros Oriental – Siquijor 5 day sample itinerary

Spent 5 days in Central Visayas covering a few municipalities and cities in Negros Oriental and the province of Siquijor from September 16-20.  Flew via PAL and sample itinerary as follows:
Day 1 Dumaguete and Valencia

check in at Harold’s mansion

Valencia to visit:

Casaroro falls

Sulphur Vents

Pulang Bato falls

Dinner at Gabby’s Diner

Day 2 Siquijor

check in at Casa Miranda

Siquijor to Visit:

Balete Tree

Lazi Church and Convent

Cambugahay falls

Salagdoong beach

Paliton Beach

Dinner at Casa Miranda

Day 3 – Dauin and Dumaguete

Apo Island

Dinner at Lab-as

Day 4 – Bais, Manjuyod and Dumaguete

Bais dolphin watching

Manjuyod sand bar

Dinner at Lantaw

Dessert at Sans Rival

Day 5 – Dumaguete City

Dumaguete Boulevard

pick up Silvanas Pasalubong at Sans Rival

off to the airport

Details and contact numbers on my next blog.

Taiwan – sample itinerary

Spent 4 full days in Taiwan.  Arrived very early in the morning of August 31 catching a red eye flight of Cebu Pacific.  Stayed at the Space Inn Xinyi until September 3.  Red eye flight again to Manila on September 4 with a slight delay.

1st DAY 

📍Yehliu Geopark 

One of the premier destinations in northern Taiwan, Yehliu Geopark is home to a number of unique geological formations including the iconic “Queen’s Head” (女王頭), and is located along a cape stretching out from the town of Wanli. Entrance fee is 80NT.

📍Shifen Old Street

Both Pingxi (平溪) and Shifen (十分) are both towns rich in culture and history and provide a nice glimpse at Taiwan’s beautiful natural scenery. Events such as the Sky Lantern Festival draw visitors year round to create a Chinese Lantern (天燈) with a wish written on it to set into the sky, all for a modest NT$100-200.

📍Shifen Water fall

Shifen is well known for the Shifen Waterfall (十分大瀑布), a 20 meter tall waterfall that creates a rainbow as it splashes into the lake, widely regarded as the most scenic in all of Taiwan. 


Feel spirited away in this decommissioned gold mining mountain town, originally built by the Japanese and now a maze of lanes and alleyways with rich history and culture.

Founded during the Qing Dynasty, this small town was a relatively isolated village until the discovery of gold during the Japanese occupation in 1893, quickly developing the town due to a gold rush. Many buildings in the town remain unchanged to this day, reflecting the Japanese influence on both architecture and culture on the island. During World War II, the town housed a Japanese prisoner of war camp where captured Allied Force soldiers (mainly British) were forced to work in the gold mines. After the war, gold mining activities declined, and the town today exists mainly as a tourist destination remembering and celebrating Taiwanese history and culture.

📍Shilin Night Market/dinner at Modern Toilet

The Shilin Night Market in Taipei is one of the largest, most popular night markets in Taiwan with regard to food, and also one of the most popular points of Taipei’s night life among visitors. Located in Taipei’s Shilin District, a mere 70 metres from MRT Jiantan Station between Dadong Rd, Danan Rd, Wenlin Rd, and Jihe Rd. The maze of alleyways is filled with a variety of local, traditional, and international merchandise that attract locals and foreigners alike.

2nd DAY

📍Taichung Rainbow Village

The Rainbow Village (Chinese: 彩虹眷村; pinyin: Cǎihóng Juàncūn) is a street art in Nantun District, Taichung, Taiwan. It was created by former soldier, Huang Yung-Fu, who was born in Taishan county, Guangdong province in 1924. The eldest of four brothers and two sisters Huang’s artistic talents were revealed early on.[1] He began painting houses in his settlement, now known as Rainbow village, to save them from demolition. Over the years his colourful artwork, which includes birds, animals and people, has spread over the remaining houses in the village, which once contained 1,200 homes (wikipedia)

📍Taichung Houli Flower farm

houli flower farm in Taichung. Be amazed by a wide variety of flowers from lavender, sunflowers, daisies, etc. the musical instruments strategically placed in the middle of fields makes this site truly instagram worthy.

📍dinner at Taipei City Mall

3rd DAY

📍Taipei National Palace Museum

Originally founded within the walls of the Beijing Forbidden City in 1925, the present-day National Palace Museum moved to Taipei’s Shilin District following the Republic of China government relocation in 1949 with an official opening for the public in 1965. Over 600,000 of the most precious artefacts within the collection were moved to Taiwan to prevent their desecration during and after the Chinese Civil War. The museum is currently celebrating its 90TH Anniversary.

📍Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

The most prominent historical landmark in Taiwan, the CKS Memorial Hall was erected in honor and memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the former President of the Republic of China, and was opened in 1980 as part of a national park and gathering area.

📍Longshan Temple of Manka

The most well known temple in Taiwan, the Mengjia Longshan Temple was built in 1738 by settlers from Fujian as a gathering place for Chinese settlers. Located in the old village part of Taipei, Wanhua District, this temple has stood the test of time and lasted through several natural disasters and wars.

📍National Taiwan University (Ying De University)

national taiwan university made famous by Meteor Garden as Ying De University. Walk on the same school where Dao Ming ze, Hua ze lei, Xi Men, Mei Zuo and San Chai met.

📍Taipei 101 Observatory

The tallest green building in the world! Isn’t that enough of a reason?

Taipei 101 is an engineering marvel and the first building of its kind in the world. Spanning 101 stories above the ground at 508 metres, the building was designed as a symbol of technology’s evolution fused with Asian tradition. The building features many pan-Chinese and Asian elements mixed with a postmodern style, and is designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes common in Taiwan.
Want to take a trip to the top of Taipei 101? The Taipei 101 Observatory is open every day from 9AM to 10PM.   it only takes 37 seconds to reach the 89th floor of this building.

We purchased our tickets ahead of time via Klook.  

📍Xiangshan Elephant Mountain

For the best view of Taipei City, make a hike to the top of Elephant Mountain!

Also known as the Nangang District Hiking Trail and Xiangshan (象山), the hiking trail is located close to the Xinyi Shopping District and Taipei 101.

The best time to hike the mountain is during late afternoon, this way you can catch the sunset as well as a daytime view and stunning nighttime view of the city, however the trail can get relatively crowded during the weekend.

4th DAY

📍Taipei Zoo

The largest zoo in Asia and home to Yuan Zai the panda, for animal lovers this is a must visit, easily accessible by public transit at the end of the MRT Brown Line.

The zoo was originally founded in 1914 by a Japanese citizen as a private zoological garden, and after the ROC relocation to Taiwan became a public zoo under the Taipei City government. Entrance is 60NT

Other info:

– stayed at Space Inn Xinyi. very clean and affordable accommodation in Taiwan. about 5 minutes walk to Xinyi Anhe Metro station.  You can get a good view of Taipei 101 on your way to the Metro station

– Don’t forget to purchase easy card at the airport. Card alone costs 100 and is reloadable. You could use it to ride Metro, bus and purchase food at selected stores. You can even use it to ride the Maokong gondola (cable car). You can top it up/reload it at 711 or the nearest Metro station.

– Taiwan has a very efficient and convenient public transportation. Every tourist site could be reached by train or bus. just don’t forget your easy card. outside of taipei, you could use the High Speed Rail (HSR) or TRA (taiwan railways administration).

– Metro taipei lines are color coded and are interconnected. it could be quite confusing for some to figure it out at first. have a picture of the Metro map so you won’t get lost and to determine which platform to go to. Metro closes at midnight and opens around could also purchase all day passes.( 1 day all-day pass would cost you 150NT

– We booked the first day tour via KKDay ( while the rest is DIY. The tour starts at 8:30am and takes about 8 hrs. excludes entrance fees so you have to pay it separately. Lunch also not included.

– Taichung could be reached via HSR (high speed rail) or TRA (taiwan railways administration) or by bus. TRA would take about an hour from Taipei main station while TRA would take about 2 1/2 hrs. HSR is travelling at a speed of approx 300 km per hr.

– free WIFi everywhere. just need to select which one works as there are many to choose from. suggest you create an iTaiwan account before going to Taiwan. (

– official currency is New Taiwan dollar (NT). Make sure you exchange your Peso or USD at the airport or withdraw from the ATM.

– locals don’t speak english well.make sure you download a translator app or have the local translation of the places you want to visit handy in case you get lost and want to ask for directions or if you want to take a cab/taxi

– food is relatively cheap and transpo via bus and metro is very affordable. taxi could be a bit pricey.  

– Don’t forget to try the famous bubble tea (milk tea). bubble tea shops are everywhere and price ranges from 40-60NT.

There are other scenic places to visit. You can check Guide to Taipei ( for additional information. I got most of the information above here.  

i didn’t expect much when i booked my ticket to taiwan but was pleasantly surprised by what the country has to offer. Will definitely go back to Taiwan soon. Xie Xie

fantasy world

Located in lemery batangas, this theme park is no longer in operation yet still accepts guests to roam around this massive property and take pictures.  With so many instagrammable places and non-operational rides, no wonder this park is an unconventional tourist spot flocked by tourists wanting to get a taste of what was supposed to be the Philippines’ disneyland.  with just 1,000 pesos as entrance fee for groups with maximum 10 persons, you get to enjoy the park and take unlimited number of pictures.  Please be reminded though that you are not allowed to wear costumes as we were warned by the guards when they saw one of my friends wearing a red cape. You may need a special permit for professional shoots and pay additional fees if you plan to have a real photoshoot.

coachella party

last hurrah for summer. spent the night in bagac to celebrate a Gary’s bday with a coachella themed shoot. most pictures taken by me using my iphone 7. minor edits using lightroom.
summer indeed ended coz a few hours after dinner it rained really hard and our tents started to leak. water started to enter the tents and before we know it we were all struggling to transfer our things back to the car. we got all our things safely in our car’s compartment and we decided to stay in the car until the rain stopped. Around 2am when the rain finally stopped, we checked our tents and dried them so we could sleep. after about 30 mins everyone except ivy was snoring. we were all exhausted.
I woke up with some loud chat outside the tent. with me half asleep, i went to the car and took a few things and i accidentally left my car keys in the compartment and realized it only after i closed the trunk. an hour of checking for locksmiths and mechanics to help us out while driving ivy’s car, we found a small talyer and got a local mechanic to help us out. to cut the long story short, we finally got my car opened with the help of 2 bronze rods and 2 skillful mechanic to hook the lock to open the car.  
we left bagac before lunch and went to clark as recommended by emz to try the unli samgyeopsal for P250. after more than an hour munching on lettuce and pork and drinking bottomless iced tea, we made out way home but not without an obligatory stop over to our favorite coffee shop starbucks along nlex.

Oslob tour

April 13 – Day 2 of our 3 day Cebu adventure last holy week started early yet again. Around 430AM, we were fetched at the hotel to go to the town of oslob. Out itinerary is as follows:
Day 2 Oslob Tour 📌

📍Whale Shark Encounter

📍Sumilon Sanbar

📍Binalayan Falls

📍Mainit Spring 

📍Osmeña Peak 
This is my second time to do whale watching and it was as exciting and as exhilarating like the first time i’ve experienced it 2 years ago. i still didn’t get a good photo with the whale but i hope some of these pics clearly represent how awesome the experience was.

Sumilon sandbar was not a sandbar when we got there. we were a bit late since we came all the way from whale watching and it was high tide already. we just saw a small portion of the sand bar when we got there and the rest was engulfed with knee deep clear waters.

Binalayan falls was a bit underwhelming. While it lacks the charm of Kawasan, the thing that irks me most is that they allow tourist to jump off from the topmost section of the waterfall. to think that there is a special technique to break your fall as the water is not deep enough is not safe at all. it was also too crowded that we didn’t spend too much time there and decided to proceed to Osmena Peak

Ending the day catching the sun to set at Osmena peak was another highlight of this tour. The road to the peak is a bit nauseating but the view at the peak makes the trip worthwhile. it was also my 2nd visit but my experience was entirely different. the first time i visited this popular destination, it was early in the morning and the peak was engulfed in zero visibility fog and it gave a very eerie vibe. i must say that it is better to visit during sunset but be prepared that it may get overcrowded. We got lucky that we got the best guides and we found the best spot to get the best view of the glorious sunset.

For your tour needs, please contact MCDC Travel and Tours if you want a safe, hassle free and affordable tour.
Photos taken using Iphone 7 plus and go pro Hero 5